After working on the Gore/Lieberman campaign and interning in the U.S. Senate, Tom started as a staff assistant in the Democratic Whip's office in the U.S. House of Representatives. Feeling he was in a privileged opportunity working in a leadership office, Tom decided to help fellow young professionals who were interested in politics and government by sending job and internship openings to his friends. As time went on, the word spread and the list grew. Between working for the Democratic Leader and the Speaker of the House, Tom met and married Dana Edwards who was working at the White House for President George W. Bush. After this bipartisan union, Tom's list grew exponentially. Today, Tom and Dana work together to help job seekers find their perfect position.

Tom Manatos in the News

Washington Post: Your boss lost an election, you lost a job — but Tom Manatos is here to save the day.

"Are you the Tom Manatos?" It's a question he gets often. He's famous, among a select few. This time, it was 2009 at the Kenwood Animal Hospital in Bethesda. Manatos was there to pick up his mother's beagle, Champ, who was being released after staying overnight to have a cyst removed. When Manatos handed the receptionist his credit card, the young woman behind the desk gasped. "You're the one with the list!" she said. In a city with employment upheaval on a biennial basis, Tom's the guy who knows where the jobs are. What began as a classified e-mail to a couple hundred people looking for jobs in politics has ballooned into a Web site, Tom Manatos Jobs, with a 20,000-person mailing list. He's D.C.'s Craig, and his Christmas comes in November.

Roll Call: From intern to ‘win’-tern: How to finish your Capitol Hill internship on top

Congratulations! You are minutes away from finishing your summer internship on Capitol Hill. Not only have you woken up at ungodly hours after too many margs at Tortilla Coast, but you’ve managed to beat everyone to the office by 30 minutes. You’ve mastered the fastest route between the House and Senate office buildings, and you’ve crushed coffee orders like the barista you could’ve been if it weren’t for this internship.

Business Insider: Capitol Hill insider Tom Manatos on creating his political jobs list

While there are certainly other political job lists out there, "this is the best-known job listserv in DC," Megan McCorquodale, who currently works on the Hill and landed her internship at Tesla through Tom Manatos Jobs, told Business Insider. "There have been multiple times people I know have used his site to find jobs and internships.

National Journal: 50 People Changing The Game In Washington - Tom Manatos

Since 2002, whether employed by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic National Committee, or the private sector, Manatos has moonlighted as a matchmaker between Hill offices and job-seekers. His miniature version of Monster.com, called Tom Manatos Jobs, has morphed from what he calls a “gross, unwieldy Hotmail” list aimed at Democrats in its early days to a web-based, bipartisan membership site that’s posted more than 20,000 jobs and internships over the past 12 months—about 400 new listings each week.

Politico: PlayBook Birthday Of The Day: Tom Manatos, founder of Tom Manatos Jobs

What’s a trend going on in the U.S. or abroad that doesn’t get enough attention? “While people across America complain that D.C. is a swamp, what I get to see firsthand is that there are so many bright people who move here for no reason other than to serve their country and make a difference. I get to meet those folks all the time because of my work on TomManatosJobs.com, which I created to help match job-seekers with the jobs and internships available in the world of politics and policy. I think our country is better when talented people are doing meaningful work."

The Lobbying Show Podcast: Working for Speaker Pelosi, Spotify, and More with Tom Manatos

Tom is also the founder of Tom Manatos Jobs - one of the top jobs lists on Capitol Hill and in Washington D.C. In this episode, Tom shares his extensive experiences in politics, such as working for the Speaker of the House and the DNC."

The Hill: Congress's List

"It's those memories of struggling to find employment that motivate the couple, who dedicate two to three hours a day of their time, and often their own money, to the online endeavor. "In politics, we all got in this game because of public service," said Manatos. Sometimes "you sort of lose sight of the public-service aspect, and Dana and I think this is a really good way to serve in some capacity, of just trying to help people find jobs in the business we both love," he said. But "it really is hours and hours of work....It's something you really want to do to help other people," Edwards Manatos said. "I think that's maybe why you don't see [similar Capitol Hill job boards] more, because it's just a lot of effort that has to go into it."

Washingtonian: Bridging the Divide: How to Date Across Political Parties

For some couples, vows should read: "In sickness and in health—and through election season." By Mary Yarrison
Put your differences to work - Tom and Dana Manatos run a website that matches people with Hill jobs. What started as Tom's Democratic listserv years ago has become a bipartisan joint project since their union. "We can find more people jobs this way," Tom says.

Fly On The Wall Podcast: Tom Manatos: "A picture is better than a message"

He got his start in politics doing advance work for the Gore campaign in 2000, then worked as the House Democrats liaison for over a decade, and transitioned into the private sector to work at the Internet Association and now Spotify. He also co-runs the Tom Manatos Jobs website for anyone looking to get employed in DC.

14th & K Podcast: Jobs Edition w/Tom Manatos & Brad Traverse

On our special Jobs Edition of 14th & G, we are welcomed by DC job experts Brad Traverse and Tom Manatos. Brad who serves as the Director of Federal Government Relations for BlueCross BlueShield Tennessee and Tom, Spotify’s Vice President of Government Relations give us an inside look at their second occupation as the leaders of DC’s go-to job websites. They share their career tips from time management and professional advice to the best ways to navigate the unique DC career world.