ABC News: Capitol Hill’s Craigslist: Meet the man who helps D.C.’s unemployed find jobs after election losses

For every member of Congress who lost his or her job in the midterm elections, there are multiple Capitol Hill staffers also out of work. And that’s where Tom Manatos comes in. The former Democratic aide learned first-hand how hard it can be to find work after a new party comes to power. He now makes it his business to help other unemployed workers get back on their feet. His web-based D.C. jobs board, Tom Manatos Jobs, is known among Washington's ambitious as the place to find jobs in the halls of power.

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Washington Post: Your boss lost an election, you lost a job — but Tom Manatos is here to save the day.

“Are you the Tom Manatos?” It’s a question he gets often. He’s famous, among a select few. This time, it was 2009 at the Kenwood Animal Hospital in Bethesda. Manatos was there to pick up his mother’s beagle, Champ, who was being released after staying overnight to have a cyst removed. When Manatos handed the receptionist his credit card, the young woman behind the desk gasped. “You’re the one with the list!” she said. In a city with employment upheaval on a biennial basis, Tom’s the guy who knows where the jobs are. What began as a classified e-mail to a couple hundred people looking for jobs in politics has ballooned into a Web site, Tom Manatos Jobs, with a 20,000-person mailing list. He’s D.C.’s Craig, and his Christmas comes in November.

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Tom Manatos getting ready to make tech history

Tom Manatos has the sort of Beltway résumé that probably could have landed him a gig as a lobbyist on just about any issue. He chose tech...Manatos isn’t just a lobbyist for tech interests — he’s also a serendipitous startup guy himself. The Tom Manatos Job List grew out of his informal daily emails on politics-related openings for Democrats to a popular nonpartisan subscription service. Those efforts to find the middle ground in a highly polarized Washington bode well for Manatos as a lobbyist, Beckerman said. And Manatos noted that tech policy may be one of the last areas that is less tainted by intense partisanship anyway.

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Tom and Dana Manatos

Photograph courtesy of Tom and Dana Manatos.

Put your differences to work - Tom and Dana Manatos run a website that matches people with Hill jobs. What started as Tom’s Democratic listserv years ago has become a bipartisan joint project since their union. "We can find more people jobs this way," Tom says.

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The Hill: Congress's List

"It's those memories of struggling to find employment that motivate the couple, who dedicate two to three hours a day of their time, and often their own money, to the online endeavor. "In politics, we all got in this game because of public service," said Manatos. Sometimes "you sort of lose sight of the public-service aspect, and Dana and I think this is a really good way to serve in some capacity, of just trying to help people find jobs in the business we both love," he said. But "it really is hours and hours of work....It's something you really want to do to help other people," Edwards Manatos said. "I think that's maybe why you don't see [similar Capitol Hill job boards] more, because it's just a lot of effort that has to go into it."

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Politico: Politico Playbook

"He's a legend on the Hill for "the Tom Manatos jobs list," a listserv that started small and is now huge. This is a young man who found a creative way to serve others even before he was a big deal."

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Roll Call: Networking Plays Big Role in Landing Hill Job

What are the best websites to find Congressional jobs?
Tom Manatos' Job List

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Wall Street Journal: Movers and Shakers

"If you don't know Tom Manatos, well, you should. You might know him from his extensive job list with over 10,000 subscribers..."

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