Recent Testimonials:

"I've known Tom Manatos and his political job list for years now. His encyclopedic knowledge of jobs on The Hill is second to none. Moreover, his understanding on how to get your resume to the top of the pile of resumes of political (non-federal/GS) jobs is very insightful. The best part of working with Tom is that he is clearly excited by what he's doing, growing his contacts becoming more bipartisan and diverse. He left the 40Plus audience energized with possibilities! Capitol Hill can be a tough place to find the right political job. Tom is the partner you need to make that search a little easier." - Giovanni Cappelletti

Job Seekers:

"I just wanted to report a hire. I applied to a job on your listing, received an offer, and have been there for over a month. I am incredibly happy with my current role as it satisfies my personal and professional needs and is just quite interesting! Thanks for keeping up a fantastic list." - Justin L

"I think this list is a great resource because it presents a diversity of options in terms of career paths for its subscribers." – Tim

"As someone who really wants to get a foot in the door of an office of a Democratic Congress member it has been invaluable in getting a glimpse of what is available." – Luis

"I love the variety of listings – really helpful and works really well." – Nadir

"I'm here at my job now because of your list." – Erin

"I got a job thanks to your list!" – Samaia

"I have found this to be one of the most useful lists as I searched for a job." – Gabrielle

"I find your job-list e-mails invaluable." – Ashley

"I recently accepted a position I found through your list serv. It's exactly what I was looking for and I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in helping me find my next opportunity." – Linda

"The list is great and I've shared many of the postings with friends and co-workers." – Toni

"I really do appreciate this list.  It has been hugely helpful to me over the years." – Kelsey

"This list is wonderful and has often been helpful to me." – Johnny

"Your list is great – it was of tremendous help to my own job search" – Geoffrey

"Thanks for all the job hunting resources over the years." – Grace

"You do an amazing job with the list." – Nick

"Thank you for this service and for helping us!" – Susannah

"Thanks so much for starting and maintaining this job site! It's a wonderful resource for job seekers, such as myself." - Miranda


"Thank you for distributing my internship postings through the years. Everyone I've hired always comes in through your list – I appreciate it." - Jeff, Consulting Firm

"Over 100 people applied for our LA position after posting it to your list" – Dean, Hill Chief of Staff

"I have had a great response once again from your listserv. Over the years I have literally hired hundreds of staffers and interns via your list since its inception." – Scott with a consulting firm

"Thank you for the wonderful resource you provide! " – Nick with a Congressional office

"I ended up hiring someone off of your listserv!" – Mary with a consulting firm

"I have gotten several good applicants from your listserv." – Shelley with a non-profit